Réjean Côtes

Réjean Côtes

Artist potter

Artistic approach


Self-taught, I have always been passionate with the idea of creating beautiful permanent artwork, bound to enhance family or personal environment.  The goal that I am pursuing is to create pieces that will overcome the trials of time, developing a relation always stronger and intimate with their owners.


I strongly believe that a handmade object has more meaning than an object issued from an industrial setting.  The intent of the artist working with earthenware in his research of design and color, as well as in their adaptation to the hand shaped, gives a unique character to each piece. Working with sandstone and porcelain, the simultaneously baking of the clay and the glaze at high temperature, the influence of the fire, the engraved decorations in the piece or scratched through a layer of slip-coat are all factors which contribute to the originality of each piece.

Cuiseur à riz . Réjean Côtes
bol/assiette. Réjean Côtes
grand bol salade Réjean Côtes