Sylvia Paquette

Sylvia Paquette

 Painter on aluminum

Artistic approach

Sylvia was bound to become an artist.  Her discovery of oil painting after years of searching was a revelation.  One day she would be an artist painter, one day she would exhibit her work, one day she would make a living from her art.  She has her art studio since 1998 where she teaches kids, teens and adults.  She also teaches in community center as well as at Flores, to intellectually challenged people.


Turning 50 changed her creative style: she lets her intuition guide her, she explores with different materials, textures and finishes which gives her art more symbolism.


Gloss, radiance and metallic tones which are prominent in her more recent creations attracts the eye, and conjure up dreams.  This change of style became very popular when she won 12 times the “public’s choice” award and 3 times the peers review first choice in 2019.


The year 2020 was a homecoming through meditation.  Having more time allowed her to change her perception, the harmony and choice of colors toward great softness.  She paints with the soul of her heart which brings her a comforting wellbeing.  She expresses herself on large size canvas allowing more freedom to her gestural painting.


Sylvia travels toward novelties by attending conferences, workshops, symposiums while offering painting virtually and physically to visitors from all over.

brillance d'automne Sylvia Paquette
Au rythme du temps Sylvia Paquette