Catherine Benoît

Catherine Benoit

Artistic approach

Catherine Benoit was born in the late 70’s in the Eastern Townships. From early childhood she demonstrated many artistic talents. At eight years old she discovered the profession of glass blowing, and that was it! She fell in love. This passionate artist has been creating glass sculptures as well as utilitarian and decorative pieces for the last 20 years. In her work you can observe different ways she found to amalgam her too favorites techniques. Meanwhile Glass blowing is more intense, like a high beat dance in wish you must know all the steps, pâte de verre is more peaceful and introspective. Catherine has a vivid and colorful personality that translates in to her work. Ardor, passion and love of life emerge from her creations as much as they do from her. She truly is a glass poet who creates one of a kind wonders.

bol vert, Catherine Benoit
cône rouge Catherine Benoit