Yvonne Barreau-Fein

Sculptor textile-mixed – Visual artist


Training:   I am self-taught but I also received a degree AEC in infographic from the Centre de formation multimédia (1992).


What is said about me...Yvonne Barreau-Fein: A fertile fairy with with agile fingers

Yvonne Barreau-Fein is a fertile fairy, who is spending her life creating mythical characters, which she gives birth with her own hands. This visual artist operates with a lobster claw, doctor Frankens- Fein, will rebuilt a nose. From a wood fragment, a real hangover. With a egg container, she build a spine. She destructures fabrics to graft, one by one, un à un, hair on the head, neck or paws (or wheels). She transforms a jewel in a crown and ….  A less than nothing in a king!  Francis Pelletier

Les Pelleteurs de nuages (Doctor, photographer, poet and editor)



Artistic Approach

Dreamlike and fantasized territory, happily desperate.

I am a mischievous storyteller filled with funny ideas….

My duality funny-playful or sober-realistic push the limit of my creation and give a sense to the dilemma who inhabits me.  It is by balancing my two sides that I can find my equilibrium.

Scrap, recycled wood, used fabric and synthetic furs, objects or fragments of objects.

I cut, screw, drill or sew to create the improbable combinations of unusual materials.  Ramshackle characters, mutant animals or unusual objects, they all unites the beautiful and the ugly, the rough and the refined.  At the same time attracting and repulsive, my sculptures sow doubts and illustrates contradictions.

“An artist who is a little fairy or sorceress

And artwork baroque indefinable extracted from a dream or a nightmare”