Yves Girard

Artist’s statement


The attraction to shapes, volumes, textures and colors naturally led me to sculpting where I could experiment with different materials and different creation techniques. With time, the production of small scale pieces and my interest for small objects led me to jewelry making.

Artistic approach

My creative approach takes inspiration in different elements in nature: minerals, fossils, traces of the living world, etc. I also like to play with volumes and coloration by integrating mechanical elements. Also, textures, both visual and tactile, play an important role in my creations. The textured motifs of my jewels are to be looked at and touched.


For my creations, I mainly use sterling silver (.925) while sometimes integrating some yellow gold (10-14-18k) elements. Sometimes, bronze or brass may be used. The main techniques used are lost-wax casting, forming, forging and assembling of the elements. In some cases, I integrate pearls and fine gems to my creations.


I like aesthetic explorations while taking into account the practical aspect of wearability of the produced work. In this context, the concept of jewelry will reach that of adornment, which takes a broader meaning. Fascinating challenge!

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