Marcelle Charland

Dé Cousu, the passion for sewing.


From the cradle, the gracious fairy godmother leaned over the little one’s cradle, whispering in her ear: sew, let’s sew, you sew, you unstitch, and you sew again.  The mantra lastingly modulated the child’s karma and became part of DNA forever.


When she was very young, she threaded the needle, scraps of fabric in hand, she dressed her doll.  She graduated; her old Signer’s pedal board turned at high speed…. pure joy!


One thing led to another, the years passed and she created several ready-to-wear collections under the name Modes Marcelle Charland. Ah, the 80’s, I must remember!!!


The years of teaching at the Collège Lasalle, those devoted to the clothing industry in Quebec and abroad including in Vietnam and Laos, completed her wealth of knowledge, while enriching her toolbox.


When retirement came, the good fairy godmother manifested herself again with her famous mantra: sew, sew and sew.  The DNA filaments stirred and she went back to her projects in order to deal with her karma once and for all.  As the English say so well, sewing and creating “it’s my cup of tea” dear.


Treat yourself, a little dress you up!  Fairy advice.

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