Artist biography

Already highly inspired by the theme of nature, drawing was a part of life since I was a kid.   If my precocious and sustained interest toward arts and crafts may be the origin of my current practice, my training in graphic arts at the University du Quebec in Montreal is highly responsible for its precision and its vivacity, very distinct signs of the naturalistic style of painting.   Since infallibly, we feel the omnipresent nature in my work, being literary as well as pictorial.  From by love for life and for my social involvement, I also try to alert the population to the rapid decline of our environment and at the irreplaceable in nature.  “The mountain tells us about the past, the tree tells us about the forest, and the rain tells us about the future”.



Creative, tireless, Luc’s different niches are the portrait of the fauna and flora, the scenery, the macro-scenery and, while traveling, the portrait of persons in context.  His artistic approach is always impregnated by a rigorous knowledge, but never to the detriment of the artistic value of the artwork.  Oil medium predominates his production while acrylic remains his favorite in the field.