France De Roy

Artists’ biographies

France Ménard has explored many artistic disciplines from painting to felting, photography and interior decoration.  In 2012 she created the brand “La fibre en soi”.  Listening her instinct and her curiosity, she finally discovers natural dye and vegetal impression.  Experimentation from plants that she collects from her garden added to the training that she gets with experimented dyers from the province of Québec as well as from the United States, brought her to confection unique accessories that are entirely ecological.

Yves De Roy always supported France activities so he decided to join her in 2017 when he retired.  Their company is renamed “France De Roy”.  With all his knowledge acquired over the years, he participates to the creations by making the dyes.  They united their strengths and their qualities to make a team that complete each other at work as well as in their personal life.

Coating the nature

Eco Printing

Eco printing is a technique where plants, leafs and flowers transfer their prints and colors to a chosen natural fabric.  The vegetal matter is applied to a piece of fabric that first has been fixed to insure permanent coloring.  The assemble is then submitted to high temperature to release the tannin inside the plant which, by transfer, will create an impression on the fabric.

The natural dye is realized from different natural elements such as plants, food or insects which, by a soaking process will transfer their colors to the fabric allowing to obtain natural colors that are delicate and sober.  All creations from France De Roy are made with natural fibers and are 100% eco friendly.