Arouse emotion, convey part of my feelings. My two hands in the raw, living earth act in symbiosis with the emotion felt, the gestures come on their own; inspiration comes from the nature around me: flowers, trees, bark, moss, stones …

The harmony and purity of forms, the balance of colors and textures are my common thread.


 Create small thematic collections, unique objects for daily use and decoration.Each of my pieces is a unique creation made on my potter’s wheel or shaped; sometimes I engrave my pieces with a tool or stamp them with objects found in nature. After the 1st firing, I decorate with one or more glazes and the piece is fired a second time; all my glazes are prepared in my workshop and are safe. After the 2nd firing, several pieces are heightened with gold and fired a 3rd time.

#32 B. Oreilles petites rondes Coll Turquoise