L’Oshibana, the art of painting with flowers, is an ancestral art unknown in Quebec and Canada. Originally from Japan, it is practiced since the beginning of the 16th century. Going back in time, it is believed that the first people who pressed flowers artfully were samouraïs. This type of art was part of the training of the young samouraï so they could be in harmony with nature and learn to be patient, develop dexterity and concentration. Today, in Asia, Europe, South America as well as in the United-State, this art is practiced among international groups who shares their knowledge, define the standards of excellence and are exposing the art of their members in international exhibits.

It is the quality of the flowers, who basically, makes the difference. The secret is to select fresh flowers of superior quality, to treat them and to dry them as quickly as possible. This implies that one has to cultivate them.  Through time, I developed a garden which allows me to grow plants that are useful for my art. The choice of plants is relative to their capacity to conserved, as much as possible their original color, shape and texture. It is the quality and the variety of the cultivated vegetal species and the quantity of flowers and other organic material gathered and transformed who offers wide possibilities to create. More than two hundred varieties of flowers are used and avout 10 000 flowers are collected each year.

All the creative work begins here. The methods of transformation and pressing of the flowers are chosen in relation of the desired results.  Once the pressing is successful, the flowers allows me to create color tone, shapes and textures which gives the illusion of perspective, relief as well the play with light and shadow.

The technique known worldwide as Oshibana consist to match and glue flowers on a thick cardboard, to insert the artwork between two glass and to seal these two pieces of glass by taking all the air out and finally frame it.

I chose to do something different and innovate by developing my own technique.  Intuitively, and from the beginning, I wanted to combine flowers and wood as a support since they are two noble materials who works well together.  Since I wanted to insure the durability of the created pieces, I developed a combination of sealers that were gentle enough to respect the fragility of the flowers, but strong enough to crystallize the freshness of the summer.

From the beginning, Mosaïque fleurie was offering exclusive creations that were decorative and utilitarian to be enjoy in our daily life. These creations are:  coat hangers, light switches plates, stationary, varied boxes and more. During the last two years, Mosaïque fleurie develops a mort artistic and expressive side by using flowers in a pictural work in order to exploit to the maximum the noble, finesse and grace of Oshibana.

Nature is a source of infinite inspiration.  The fragility and the delicate result of the transformed material inspires respect, calm, and joie de vivre.  The flowers, vegetal material and organic matters brings back a feeling of truth and absolute sincerity. My creations are filled with this feeling.  The flowers bring out the beauty in things and in people offering a reassuring vision for the soul not allowing any space for somber ideas.  In the difficult months, and years that seems to be ahead of us, I wish to put a salve on the difficulties of life and to bring out the beautiful qualities of the human being.